Terma Scanter 4000 
Radar Trial


In 2013, Nyree was involved in project on behalf of Edinburgh Airport with NATS to conduct a technical mitigation trial involving the Terma Scanter 4000 Radar. The Terma Radar originating from Denmark, built a radar system with specialised technology to mitigate against off shore wind farms. When wind turbines became more popular in the UK, it started to cause a problem on ATC radar screens. Wind turbines rotating blades confuses the ATC radar for an aircraft, causing clutter. This is a massive safety concern for flight operations. With promising results of mitigating wind turbines in Copenhagen, Denmark and Texas, USA, NATS decided to conduct a trial using Terma to determine its performance for  as a successful mitigation solution for wind turbines. 


The location of the radar was next to NASR10 PSR at Edinburgh Airport. Nyree led the site works and ground investigation with EAL engineers to ensure this site was appropriate for the Terma Radar. After installation, NATS carried out the trial using a number of flight trials over live wind farms to test the performance and capability of the Terma Radar. The trial ran from December 2013 to February 2014.


The Terma Radar had two modes of operation that required to be measures as part of the NATS trial, this included:

  • Standard Range - up to 26NM

  • Extended Range - up to 40NM

The objective of the trial was to test the performance of the Terma Radar following installation and optimisation. The trial assessment included:

  • Engineering Assessment

  • Formal Assessment

  • Operational Assessment

It was important to test if the Terma Radar rejected wind turbine clutter, detected To0 (Target of Opportunity) and meet the requirements detailed within CAP670 specification. The trial concluded the following:

  • Results prove that the Terma Scanter has an excellent range

  • Based on the evidence, the performance is impressive with coverage volume appearing to extend out to 40NM


The outcome was successful at the end of the trial. It provided Edinburgh Airport and NATS that the Terma Radar is suitable for wind farm mitigation. It was able to detect and separate small air targets as well as large surface targets such as wind turbines. It achieved good performance levels for air and surface detection with improved situational awareness. Actual recorded inter-turbine detection has been shown and the benefits of this solution outweighs an upgrade solution of standard ATC radar.

The Terma Radar was approved as a successful mitigation solution for wind turbines by Edinburgh Airport. The airport does not own the radar itself but the feed into Edinburgh Airport's radar screen.