"If it wasn't for your work with Terma, our wind farm wouldn't be operational" Tony Scorer, EDF Renewables

Aerodrome Safeguarding Projects

Queensferry Crossing

In the development stages of the Queensferry Crossing, it was crucial to ensure the lighting design meets EASA regulation of Aerodrome Safeguarding standards


Edinburgh Gateway Station

Edinburgh Gateway Station was designed at a location close to 12/30 runway which was in operation at the time at Edinburgh Airport. It was important that the building height did not infringe any Safeguarding Surfaces.


Terma Scanter Radar Trial

A number of wind farm developments were refused planning approval from Edinburgh Airport, due to the detrimental safety impact on Air Traffic Control Radar screens. The technology, design and commissioning of the Terma Radar was a game changer for wind farm developers.