Make sure your 5G Mast isn't objected to by the airport

I am currently working together with a client on the siting of 5G masts.

My client has had 10 masts objected to by an airport. This has caused them planning delays as well as incurring additional costs.

Any masts that is proposed close to an airport must have a navigational aids (nav-aids) assessment. This assessment will determine if the mast will have a detrimental impact to the following nav-aids:

- Primary Radar - transmits pulses of radio waves to determine the location of an aircraft.

- Secondary Radar - transmits pulses of radio waves to aircraft transponders (4 digit code) to identify the aircraft and it's altitude.

- Surface Movement Radar (SMR) - is used to detect aircraft and vehicles on the surface of an airport.

- Instrument Landing System (ILS) - this provides short term guidance to aircraft on approach at night or during bad weather.

- Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) - is a set of instructions regarding navigation around aerodromes.

These navigational aids are critical to the safety of aircraft flying in and out of an airport. Therefore it is important that any mast is assessed prior to the submission of a planning application to avoid any objections.

We provide nav-aids assessments to ensure you will gain planning consent from an airport.

If you are looking to site a mast, contact us:, 07845074253

The picture below is a 5G mast which was assessed and approved by Dundee Airport.


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