If you are planning to build a solar farm, you will appreciate this tip

Solar farms can be an attractant to birds. Certain species of birds are likely to roost/perch or nest on or underneath the solar panels. Not only does this obstruct the panel, it causes concerns on the amount of bird activity that can take place.

Skylark birds use solar panels as a popular place to hang out! They stand tall on top of the panel and sing. Skylarks also like to fly high above the solar panels then parachute down between the rows.

Swallows , Sand Martins, House Martins birds become confused with the reflective surfaces. The think it is a body of water (similar effect as windows). So they skim low between the arrays to forage.

If your solar farm is with 6km of an airport, you may receive a Wildlife Hazard objection. This restriction is to minimise the amount of bird activity.

Contact me on 07845074253/ I provide mitigation solutions to minimise bird activity. This will allow you to gain planning consent on your solar farm from the airport.


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