Don't Get 'Landed' with an Airport Objection

Planning Developers, you have submitted your planning permission and you are issued with a decision notice which has an OBJECTION by an airport.

You feel blindsided and frustrated as you were not aware of any airport restrictions. This becomes a huge stumbling block to progressing with your development. It means you have to spend more time and money into redesigning your development and potentially withdrawing and resubmitting your planning application.

This does not mean you the end of the road for your development!

We provide airport planning guidance and expertise, to understand and identify your problem either prior or post planning submission. Using our 'Aviation Cognizant Model', we immediately solve and remove the aviation objection on your application.

If you are planning to build within 15km of an airport, contact me for free initial advice and we can determine if your development will be subject to any aviation restrictions and the potential next steps to solve any issues.

Ask your questions below, or contact me now: 07845074253. I look forward to hearing from you.


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