Aerodrome Compliance

  Regulations - Standards -Policies - Procedures

 European Regulation (EU) 139/2014

CAA Compliance Monitoring:

Aerodrome Internal Audit Preparation

Reviewing and verifying continued compliance with standardised tailored checklists to ensure the policies and procedures are current with European Regulation (EU) 139/2014 Regulations. Support airports compliance monitoring process which reflects the CAA compliance Question Banks used by the CAA as part of their audit preparation. Developing the correct organisational structure and auditing cycle, as well as preparation for the CAA Audit. This includes a review and support of their audit process to ensure all activities are compliant.

 European Commission Regulation (EU) No 73/2010

Aeronautical Data Quality:

Aerodrome Review & Integration

A review to identify that an airport's aeronautical information and data submitted to the AISP for publication to the UK AIP is of sufficient quality and meets the European Commission Regulation (EU) No 73/2010. Develop an ADQ policy to ensure that the airport's Quality Management System supports the origination, production, storage, handling, processing, transfer and distribution of aeronautical data and information. An assessment will be carried out to ensure that integrity is achieved throughout these stages and is ADQ compliant.

I will also review and design the Quality Assurance Program for an airport which contain procedures designed to verify that all operations are conducted in accordance with the applicable ADQ requirements, standards and procedures.