"How an aircraft birdstrike changed my life at 8 years old"

Nyree Millar-Bell, Director

Our Story

In 1995, Nyree was 8 years old when she boarded a flight from Glasgow Airport to Boston. Flying with Northwest Airlines; DC10, the plane took off and hit birds. Three Gulls flew into the right engine, causing it to catch fire. Nyree was sitting on the right hand side of the plane and could see the flames.

With a full scale emergency, all passengers took the brace position, expecting impact. Luckily the pilot was able to dump fuel to reach a safe landing back at Glasgow Airport. 

Safeguarding airplanes taking off and landing at airports only came into force in 2003. This could have been too late for Nyree and the 270 passengers on board the Northwest flight that day.

It encouraged Nyree to undertake a role in Airport Safeguarding. She wanted to lower the risk of bird activity so no one ever had to experience a bird strike.

Nyree delivers advice to clients, not only from learning legislation and gaining expertise. But from personal experience.

Our Journey

Nyree Millar-Bell, owner of Millar-Bell Aviation Consultancy, comes from a strong family background in aviation. 

She was inspired by family and their passion will always be the foundation of Nyree's success. Find out more below.


Nyree's Grandfather set up his own travel company called G.Bell Jet Services Limited. Starting out on his own, the company started to grow quickly.


Nyree's grandmother become a partner within the business and renamed it Bell Travel Limited with her father as a director. They had 23 stores across the UK. Their headquarters were in Bridge of Allan, where Nyree spend time with her grandparents in their office.


Nyree's father left Bell Travel to become a pilot. His first commercial flight was with Loganair on the twin otter in Stornaway, Scotland. Nyree liked to watch her father take off and land on the beach. As a 5 year old, it was very cool to sit next to her father when flying.


Nyree graduated with a distinction in Masters in Business Management at Stirling University. With aviation as her passion, she had conducted her dissertation on the Winter Operations at Edinburgh Airport. Nyree landed her first role as an aviation security supervisor at Edinburgh Airport.


Nyree secured a role as Aerodrome Safeguarding Manager at Edinburgh Airport. This involved technical safeguarding with the responsibility of keeping the airport safe . Projects included commissioning of the aviation warning lights for Queensferry Crossing, Terma Radar and Edinburgh Gateway. Nyree brought in 33k into Edinburgh Airport each year.


Nyree received a promotion to Airside Operations Safeguarding & Incident Manager. This involved ownership of the Edinburgh Airport Winter Operations.  In 2017-2018 winter, the UK received the worst snowfall since 2010. Nyree co-ordinated and executed my winter operation plan, which provided positive results as we were the only airport to remain open during the 'Beast from the East'. Nyree's father was also flying that day during the snowfall and with all airports closed, he knew Nyree would keep Edinburgh Airport open and diverted. Nyree enabled the safe landing of her father, one event she will never forget.


Nyree was promoted to Edinburgh Airport Operations Resilience Manager. Nyree was trained to Silver Command Level, responding to any incidents that had a detrimental impact to the airport.

Nyree was made redundant due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, which stopped passengers and airlines operating out of Edinburgh Airport.


Nyree did not want to let go of her passion in aviation, so she decided to set up her own company called Millar-Bell Aviation Consultancy. Nyree's wants to share her extensive knowledge and expertise within the aviation industry. Following in her family's footsteps, Nyree will work hard to try and achieve the same success.