Airport safeguarding consultant.

We ensure that your development is not subject to any airport planning restrictions. Get the solution not the objection.

Our Expertise Applied to your Challenges

Millar-Bell Aviation Consultancy is a Scottish based consulting service focused on residential, renewables and construction projects. We help clients across the UK navigate through the complex challenges that arise from airport planning restrictions.


With deep expertise and years of experience, we provide the solutions to overcome airport planning restrictions. We do this by carrying out Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved technical safeguarding assessments and mitigation solutions. This allows the client to gain airport planning permission first time.


Our experience with airport's and CAA policies has earned us a reputation for providing valuable advice to our clients. We understand every project has unique complexities and our approach to each is bespoke, ensuring best-value results that maximise development potential.

Our team work closely with planning authorities and airports. We have intimate knowledge of how airports and planing departments work, and a clear understanding of their process, priorities and motivations. 

There are 5 key challenges our clients face, which we aim to solve.


Height restrictions due to the proximity of the development to the airport


Landscaping constraints due to the attractant of birds close to the airport


Lighting restrictions to ensure the lights are not confused with aviation lighting


Solar panels and solar farm constraints due to the potential glare hazard for pilots


Wind turbines restricted due to the safety concerns on airport's Air Traffic Control radars. 

Our Clients Journey


What is Airport

Airport safeguarding is a process used by airports to ensure that any development or activity taking place does not adversely affect the safe and efficient movement of aircraft.


Airport's are a statutory consultees within the UK.

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Is my site subject to airport planning restrictions?

We examine the location and type of proposed development in our Airport Safeguarding software to determine if it will infringe any of the airport's safeguarding restrictions, resulting in a planning objection.


How will these restrictions affect my development?

Airport's will provide a planning objection to any development infringing the safeguarding areas surrounding the airport. If appropriate mitigations are not in place, it can have a detrimental impact to airport operations and will not be successful in achieving planning permission.


What type of developments are restricted by the airport?

  • Residential Developments

  • Commercial Developments

  • Telecommunication Masts

  • Solar Panels

  • Solar Farms

  • Wind Turbines

  • Cranes

  • Lighting designs

  • Landscaping Projects

  • Construction sites

  • Drones

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What are the benefits of your service?

  1. Save up to 4+ weeks of planning delays

    Response times are a major stumbling block to a successful project. We understand the 'lengthly' process of planning applications. We use CAA approved technology to get reliable and fast results to keep your project on track.


  2. Save up to £100k+ in planning costs

    We appreciate the cost of planning fees can be substantial, so we remove any additional costs by avoiding planning refusals or conditions.


  3. First time airport planning consent

    We don't want your project to go over budget on the preliminaries before construction has even begun. Our reports are approved by the council and is able to be submitted alongside your planning submission, giving you the best chance of securing consent at first attempt.

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What will you deliver?

We provide the following:​

  • Pre-application assessment free of charge to identify if your development is within an airport safeguarding restricted area.

  • A CAA approved technical airport safeguarding assessment to determine what restrictions are applied to your development and the risk of these to your planning submission.

  • Specialised mitigation solutions to reduce the risk of airport safety restrictions to enable your planning development to be approved.

  • A bespoke aviation report which is CAA and LPA approved.

  • An expert in Airport Safeguarding which supports client throughout the planning submission.

What Makes Me Qualified to be your Airport Safeguarding Expert?


Learn from my own experiences and success

Nyree Millar-Bell, Aerodrome Safeguarding Consultant and Company Director


"I am a qualified Airport Safeguarding Manager, who worked 8 years at Edinburgh Airport. I gained my Safeguarding qualification at Gatwick Airport.

I am currently a member of the Combined Aerodrome Safeguarding Team (CAST), which is the leading body for aerodrome safeguarding. We make crucial links between policymakers, legislators and implementors. Our role is to:

  • Promote the aerodrome safeguarding specialism through participation in development of standards, legislation, regulations, material guides, training, and positive community interaction.

  • Act as the communication focal point between CAA, airports, government, non-government organisations (NGOs), environmental organisations, aviation industry stakeholders on issues relating to aerodrome safeguarding.

  • Educate and promote public awareness of aerodrome safeguarding and to promote the necessity to abide by measures to maintain flight safety.

  • Provide best practice and guidance materials to assist in the implementation of AS, including development of training materials delivered by established industry experts and accredited by a recognised education institution.

  • Represent airports, airfields, ADPOs, bird strike avoidance experts, in consideration of any new issues that affect the implementation of AS."

What Our Clients' Say About Us

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Ernest Carter, Non-Executive Director, Red Sky Personnel

"Nyree is a true professional in securing planning consent . She always goes the extra mile to deliver what her customers require. Nyree will always give honest feedback on the potential success in regards to the projects she is involved with. I highly recommend her as an individual and the company she represents."

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Airport

"Nyree played a critical role in keeping our airport safe, whether that be safeguarding against new critical infrastructure projects across our airport or across Scotland, to owning winter resilience plans. Nyree has challenged our operating methods to improve our response on numerous levels; whether that be introducing new technology.  Nyree extends her technical knowledge across our airport with 3rd parties and management tiers to ensure a safe, compliant and efficient operation across our airfield."

Alun Williams, Managing director, Arfon Consulting Ltd 

“As advisers on major infrastructure projects we have first-hand experience of supporting clients working within an airport’s safeguarding zone navigate holding objections from the CAA during a scheme’s development stages.

“In one case, even high-sided vehicles travelling on a trunk road had the capacity to generate air traffic control radar ‘clutter’ and a financial settlement reached to upgrade the radar’s software capabilities. Nyree’s specialist knowledge and skills will, doubtless, be an invaluable addition to any developer’s advisory team when bringing forward projects within airport safety zones.”